The Company

Manager Mattias Meyer

Since 1996 I am active for companies of electrical engineering in the area of Hanover, Hildesheim, Brunswick-Wolfsburg and Hamburg.

In 2001 I have taken together with other freelancers, more extensive projects and have carried out successfully.

The company has been founded at 3rd of May 2004. It is available with permanent employees and freelancer, with a growing Know-How for new and extensive projects.

On request of important customers the permission on employer assignment was applied. This form of cooperation has the advantage that our abilities and developing capacities can be used with the principal "on site" in its team.

Since 2008 the company has introduced a quality standard, which leans upon the ISO9001:2008. Customers are welcome are welcome at any time to get an insight into our quality management structure. For efficiency and flexibility reasons we have decided in 2011 to discontinue the audit and not to lead the official ISO9001-2008 seal from July 2011 any more.

As a business owner of the engineering office I continue to work on projects with my experience in order to ensure an optimal course of cooperation.